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Email me your DIVA trivia answers for a chance to win prizes! And what's a better prize than earning extra time with a DIVA with any paid appointment!  100% Correct = 20 extra minutes;  50% Correct = 15 extra minutes; Any Correct Answers = 10 minutes!

HINT:  Reading my Diva Interview might help you a bit!

Question 1:  DIVA describes herself as which of the following?

A: Pollyanna Sunshine
B: Miss Sweetness and Light
C: Submissive
D: A Daredevil

Question 2:  DIVA's ultimate ambition is to?

A: Own a Farm
B: Drive a Porsche
C: Rule the World
D: Vote for Donald Trump

Question 3:  DIVA enjoys what types of movies?

A: Horror Movies
B: Animated Movies
C: Superhero Movies
D: All of the Above

Question 4:  DIVA's number one turn on is?

A: Disrespect
B: Intelligence
C: Misogyny
D: Supporters of the Cheeto Dictator

Question 5:  DIVA wants to explore all of the following places EXCEPT:

A: Hawaii
B: Antarctica 
C: Paris
D: Athens

Question 6: What is DIVA's favorite TV Show?

A: Schitt's Creek
B: Real Housewives of Orange County
C: Love and Hip Hop
D: Blue Bloods

Question 7: Who is DIVA's favorite singer?

A: Taylor Swift
B: Tom Waits
C: Katy Perry
D: Luke Bryan

Question 8: What Everyday Activity would DIVA medal in?

A: Reading
B: Cleaning
C: Landscaping
D: Dusting

Question 9: What is DIVA Best Known for Among Friends?

A: Skiing
B: Riding Motorcycles
C: Trivia Knowledge
D: World Sit-up Champion

Question 10: What's Expensive But Totally Worth It?

A: Time with a DIVA
B: Sitting Alone in a Room
C: Sitting Alone Outside
D: Sitting Alone at the Movies